Community Health Advocate

Chenango Health Network’s Community Health Advocate Program is part of the Community Service Society of New York statewide network of agencies helping New Yorker’s use their health insurance and access the health care they need.
Chenango Health Network (CHN) Advocates help individuals and families to resolve their health insurance problems regardless of whether they are privately insured, publicly insured, or uninsured. Advocates also answer questions, provide information and offer support on a variety of health-related issues so that individuals and families get the health care they need.
CHN assists individuals to:
• find a primary care provider, specialist or other health care provider
• obtain prior authorization for care
• obtain charity care and prescription assistance
• find free or medical services offered on a sliding-scale
• get coverage or additional coverage outside of the NYS of Health Marketplace
• understand COBRA
• get an exemption from Medicaid Managed Care
• get an exclusion from Medicaid Managed Care
• understand medical bills and work out payment plans with their provider(s).
• resolve plan issues like rate increases or billing
• understand their rights and responsibilities under the ACA
• understand their appeal rights for denials of coverage or care

Individuals are encouraged to schedule an appointment to meet with a Community Health Advocate. Services provided are free and confidential.

For more information, please contact Community Health Advocate, Alyson Hicks.

Phone: 607-337-4105 or Email:

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